M. G. Quibria

Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD)


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    Governance and Developing Asia: Concepts, Measurements, Determinants, and Paradoxes

    This paper provides a critical review of the current governance discussions, which brings into the open a number of serious conceptual, measurement and data issues, as well as the existence of an Asian governance paradox.

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    Poverty and Foreign Aid Evidence from Recent Cross-Country Data

    This paper takes a fresh look, from a macro perspective, at the issue of aid effectiveness and adopts poverty reduction, as contrasted from economic growth, as the metric for measuring aid effectiveness.

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    The Millennium Development Goals and Poverty: Are We Counting the World's Poor Right?

    Counting the world’s poor is much more complex and contentious than it appears at first sight. This brief provides a thumbnail sketch of the state of the art in global poverty estimates.

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    The Puzzle of Social Capital: A Critical Review

    This paper provides a critical review of the burgeoning literature on social capital, highlighting a number of serious conceptual and empirical problems associated with this literature.

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    Digital Divide: Determinants and Policies with Special Reference to Asia

    This paper discusses about digital divide—the division of the world between those who have access to new information and communications technology (ICT) and those who do not—and provides policy suggestions to promote ICT.

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    Poverty and Patterns of Growth

    A constructed cross-country data set on absolute poverty is used to examine whether there is regional and sectoral variation in the relationship between poverty and economic growth.

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    The Emerging Global Trading Environment and Developing Asia

    This paper is being carried out in two phases: the first focusing on a region wide analysis and the second on an in-depth examination of possible country-specific strategies for ten Asian developing countries (ADC). It provides a summary of the results emerging from the first phase of the study. Included here are the agreements relating to the Multifibre Arrangement, intellectual property rights, antidumping, safeguards, and dispute settlement understanding.

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    The Gender and Poverty Nexus: Issues and Policies

    Despite impressive growth in Asian developing economies in the last two decades, the vast majority of the world's poor live in this region. According to one estimate, about 750-800 million poor inhabit this region. Given the magnitude of the problem, poverty alleviation has become almost synonymous with economic development for most poorer Asian economies. While efforts are being made to alleviate poverty, it is being increasingly argued that, as there is a gender dimension to the poverty problem, these efforts should be gender focused.