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Safran, Patrick

Mr. Safran is focal point for Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations and the Secretary of the Steering Committee on Fragile Situations. Responsible for spearheading ADB's Approach to Engaging with Weakly Performing Countries, including providing technical support to operations departments, performing bankwide accountability and reporting functions, and promoting institutional partnerships in relation to the international agenda on aid in fragile situations.


  • 30 Sep 2015 | Papers and Briefs

    This issue of Engagement in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations provides a political economy analysis of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia.

  • 19 Aug 2014 | Papers and Briefs

    The fragility index can gauge the level, degree, and trend of fragility in a country. It can guide the allocation of limited resources and a differentiated approach in countries with fragile and conflict-affected situations.