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Siddhartha Shah

Siddhartha Shah

Director, Advisory Division 2 (OPA2)
Office of Public-Private Partnership (OPPP)

Siddhartha Shah has over twenty years’ experience in the infrastructure financing and advisory sector. He has led several advisory, project financing, corporate financing, project bond financing, and Shariah financing, transactions in ADB. Mr. Shah has also managed private equity, public equity, structured transaction, credit risk guarantee and political risk guarantee projects.

Before OPPP, Siddhartha worked for almost ten years in ADB’s Private Sector Operations Department. He has worked on many complex greenfield, brownfield, mergers, acquisitions, and sale transactions. Mr. Shah’s energy transaction work has included wind, solar, hydro, pipeline, LNG and gas. Much of his climate change-related work has been pioneering. He has also worked on several transport, housing, banking and finance, and water and waste transactions.

Prior to joining ADB he was employed in the corporate finance office of BP for many years. At BP, he worked on several corporate financing, project financing, and mergers and acquisition transactions in oil and gas, petrochemical and renewable energy. Siddhartha has an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.