Florian Steinberg

Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC)


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    Rebuilding Low-Heritage Villages After Disasters

    Because the villages had different heritage values, the Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Sector Project employed distinct approaches to reconstruction.

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    Rebuilding Traditional Houses After Disasters

    Houses were rebuilt using traditional designs while incorporating earthquake-resistant construction principles of interlocking pillars and beams that had been essential to Nias’ traditional architecture.

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    Revitalization of Historic Inner-City Areas in Asia: The Potential for Urban Renewal in Ha Noi, Jakarta, and Manila

    The cases of Ha Noi, Jakarta, and Manila, presented in this publication on Revitalization of Historic Inner-City Areas in Asia, demonstrate that inner-city areas and urban heritage assets can become important opportunities for public and private investments with a good potential for bankable and profitable public-private partnership projects. Urbanizing Asia in the 21st century requires a fresh look at urban renewal and historic inner cities, and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has a role to play in this area.


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    Urban Development in the Greater Mekong Subregion

    Urbanization is set to play an ever greater role in the development of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) countries, transforming their economies and providing support to green economic growth.

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    Inclusive Cities

    This publication represents the work of ADB’s urban community of practice to make cities more “inclusive”—ensuring the poor and vulnerable have access to the services they need to better their quality of life.