Norio Usui

Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD)


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    Taking the Right Road to Inclusive Growth: Industrial Upgrading and Diversification in the Philippines

    The Philippines’ growth has mainly been led by services. To achieve inclusive growth, the Philippines needs to develop a stronger industrial sector to create productive job opportunities for the growing labor force.

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    Tax Reforms toward Fiscal Consolidation: Policy Options for the Government of the Philippines

    This policy note assesses tax administration measures and tax rate adjustments, two options for the Philippines' fiscal consolidation in terms of their efficiency for revenue mobilization and impacts on tax equity.

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    Searching for Effective Poverty Interventions: Conditional Cash Transfers in the Philippines

    Conditional cash transfer (CCT), which was initiated in 2007, is becoming a centerpiece of the social protection system in the Philippines. This note reviews economic rationales for transferring a cash grant to the poor contingent on their certain behavior, major challenges in designing a CCT program, targeting methodologies, and impact evaluation designs, to show how the Philippines' CCT program is designed to resolve major difficulties in its design, targeting, and evaluation.

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    Transforming the Philippine Economy: "Walking on Two Legs"

    This paper analyzes the long-term growth of the Philippine economy through the lens of structural transformation to clarify the root causes of the country's lagged growth performance in the regional context.

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    Structural Transformation in the Kyrgyz Republic: Engineering Future Paths of Capability Accumulation

    This paper analyzes the degree of structural transformation in the Kyrgyz economy, focuses on the level of sophistication of its exports, and discusses policy options to transform the production structure for high and sustainable growth.

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    Rethinking the Growth Diagnostics Approach: Questions from the Practitioners

    This paper aims at clarifying the primary objectives of the growth diagnostics approach and what are some of its limitations for operational use.

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    How Effective are Oil Funds? Managing Resource Windfalls in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan

    This note presents that the recent surge in global commodity prices has brought large windfall revenues to resource-rich economies in Asia. Booming economies have, however, faced challenges of macroeconomic stabilization and intergenerational income distribution, and sought a solution to setting up a separate fund outside the budget.

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    Critical Issues of Fiscal Decentralization

    Norio Usui writes that as the decentralization process witnessed across Asia and the Pacific region has become an irreversible trend, a growing number of Asian Development Bank projects and technical assistance involve components of delivering services at the subnational level. This paper summarizes key conceptual issues of decentralization, and discusses major routes for decentralization to improve public services and address problems in implementing decentralization.