Xianbin Yao

Director General
Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD)


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    Economic Analysis Retrospective: 2003 Update

    Economic Analysis Retrospectives present an assessment of how well economic analysis is applied in the identification and development of ADB-financed projects and programs.

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    Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Developing Asia: The Enabling Role of Infrastructure Development

    Sustaining and accelerating the course of poverty reduction requires stepping up efforts for inclusive growth. Past experience in developing Asia demonstrates the critical significance of inclusive growth for poverty reduction. By improving the access of the poor to markets, increasing productivity and creating further opportunities for employment, inclusive growth mainstreams the poor to actively participate in the growth process, thereby contributing to raising their standards of living.

  • | Papers and Briefs | ERD Policy Briefs

    Infrastructure and Poverty Reduction - Making Markets Work for the Poor

    This brief underscores the importance of infrastructure investments in enabling markets to develop and function efficiently, thereby mainstreaming the poor.