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Seok Yong Yoon

Seok Yong Yoon

Principal Public Management Specialist (e-Governance)
Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

Mr. Seok-Yong Yoon currently works at Asian Development Bank (ADB) as Principal Public Management Specialist (e-Governance) at the Digital Technology for Development Unit, the Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC).

Mr. Yoon has led number of digital development and e-Governance projects as a project officer and organized various internal and regional knowledge events for the better use of digital technologies in ADB’s various sector and thematic operations since he joined ADB in 2010. As a focal person for digital development and e-Governance, he plays an active role to mainstream digital technologies in ADB’s operations for DMCs through technical assistances and sector/thematic groups activities and coordinates partnership programs with international development organizations, private sector and civil societies. He takes the lead in supporting ADB to implement the GIS Development Plan.