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Zhou, Aiming

Mr. Zhou oversees ADB's clean energy program that seeks to mitigate climate change through the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy, accelerating the adoption of low-carbon technologies, and scaling up clean energy investments in Asia and the Pacific.


  • 24 Aug 2020 | Papers and Briefs

    This paper explores the prospect of deploying hydrogen to address shortage of electricity and fuel supply in Nepal. It serves as a baseline for opportunities in countries with abundant renewable resources and facing energy-related challenges.

  • 01 May 2012 | Papers and Briefs

    Electricity is a public necessity for a modern society, and electricity consumption grows more rapidly than consumption of other types of commercial energy as a society increases in affluence. This working paper intends to make a comprehensive comparison of electrical bills of residential consumers among ADB member countries and uncover what tariff structure and policies ADB member countries adopted to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency among end users.