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Zhuang, Juzhong

Mr. Zhuang heads the Economic Analysis and Operations Support division of ADB's Economic Research Department. His division produces policy research on long-term development issues facing Asia and the Pacific region including drivers of economic growth, growth diagnostics, poverty and inequality, and economics of climate change; and supports ADB's operations to strengthen the economic rationale of its lending and non-lending projects and programs and aid effectiveness.




  • 13 Mar 2015 | Books

    Greater reliance on efficiency and productivity improvement, innovation, and market competition are needed for the People’s Republic of China to make the transition to high income and avoid the middle income trap.

  • 28 Apr 2014 | Books

    Technological change, globalization, and market-oriented reform have been the key drivers of Asia’s remarkable growth and poverty reduction, as they are the sources of productivity improvement in the quality of life. 

  • 01 Dec 2010 | Serials

    This issue presents challenges and policy options to close development gaps; human capital gaps across the world and the contribution of human capital to economic growth; and Asian regional income, growth, and distribution to 2030.