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Zveglich Jr., Joseph E.

Mr. Zveglich undertakes economics and policy research and takes a lead role in producing the annual Asian Development Outlook, ADB's flagship publication forecasting economic trends in the region. ERD, his department, handles data analysis and database development and management to enhance the effectiveness of ADB's aid and contribution to country development strategies.


  • 12 Feb 2021 | Papers and Briefs

    This paper examines gender among other factors that may constrain older persons in Southeast Asia from meeting their health-care needs based on data from Cambodia, the Philippines, and Viet Nam.

  • 22 Jan 2019 | Papers and Briefs

    This paper explains a proxy measure for work experience that uses readily available information on labor force participation rates by age and gender and supports greater understanding of the gender wage gap.

  • 07 Mar 2018 | Papers and Briefs

    The male–female wage gap is a persistent global phenomenon. As the wage gap may discourage women from investing in human capital or participating in the labor market, understanding its root cause is important.

  • 01 Dec 2012 | Papers and Briefs

    Economic necessity is a key factor driving women to join in market-based employment in Asia’s low-income countries. But married women’s role in the household reduces the likelihood of their labor market participation.

  • 01 Dec 1999 | Papers and Briefs

    This paper develops an alternative and more comprehensive framework for decomposing the gender earnings gap into across-occupation and within-occupation factors.