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Contact information for the Asian Development Bank

Videoconferencing Facilities

Videoconferencing Facilities

Videoconferencing facilities are available at the Asian Development Bank Headquarters and in a number of country offices.

ADB's Current Platform(s):

  • Polycom Cloud using SIP
  • Microsoft Teams

Ways to connect to ADB:

  • Incoming to ADB - via SIP or SfB Client
  • Outgoing from ADB - via SIP or SfB Call

For administrative, scheduling, and technical assistance, please contact:

  Email contact form   +63 2 86324062

Please have the following ready before sending an email or contacting us:

  • Name, telephone number, and e-mail addresses of your administrative and technical contact staff on your end
  • Public IP Address or SIP Address
  • Test sites (if any, which ADB could use to check for interoperability)
  • Brand and model of your videoconference platform (e.g. Tanberg, Polycom, Cisco, Radvision, etc)