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Armenia and ADB

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  • Seeing the future(s) of Armenia

    Futures studies seek to help governments better understand the processes of change, anticipate uncertainties and possible disruptions, and create wiser preferred futures. This innovative practice offers a new vision for urban development in Armenia.

  • ADB and Armenia: Fact Sheet

    ADB’s country partnership strategy for Armenia will encourage technological modernization and innovation, an improved business environment, private sector investment, and inclusive growth. Read more

  • Women Entrepreneurs Are Agents of Growth in Armenia's SME Sector

    Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises play a critical role in the empowerment and economic freedom of women in Armenia, who are increasingly becoming agents of growth for the country's economy.

  • Armenia: Supporting Economic Resilience

    This country brief focuses on ADB's efforts in Armenia to strengthen the economy by building or rehabilitating infrastructure and by generating business opportunities for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.

The overarching goal of ADB's country partnership strategy, 2014–2018 for Armenia is to help integrate its economy into the region, and to rebalance it toward more resilient, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable growth. Efforts to realize these goals include improving domestic and cross-border transport links, upgrading secondary towns based on integrated urban development plans, and improving the country’s energy security.

Read the fact sheet: ADB and Armenia


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