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Bangladesh: Economy

Growth in FY2017 (ended 30 June 2017) was higher than expected as consumption picked up in response to rising income, and as public investment strengthened. Inflation was lower than projected, and the current account moved into deficit, as expected, with a wider trade deficit and lower remittances. For FY2018, this Update retains the Asian Development Outlook 2017 growth projection but anticipates slightly lower inflation and a larger current account deficit. Recent flooding is unlikely to affect growth, which could improve if infrastructure development accelerates. Mobilizing domestic revenue remains a priority. Read more from Asian Development Outlook 2017 Update

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*2017 and 2018 are forecasts.

Economic forecasts for South Asian countries

The latest available economic data for Bangladesh compared to countries in South Asia.

*2017 and 2018 are forecasts.

Asian Development Outlook 2017
Asian Development Outlook 2017 Update