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Bangladesh and ADB

ADB is a leading multilateral development partner of Bangladesh in the energy, transport, and education sectors.

24 Jun 2020 | Article

12 Things to Know: The Rise of Renewable Energy in Asia and the Pacific

A glimpse into how ADB uses innovative approaches to make renewable energy projects viable and promote low-carbon economic growth.

15 Jun 2020 | News Release

ADB Supports Rural Road Network Expansion in Bangladesh

ADB has approved a $100 million loan to expand the coverage of an ongoing rural road network improvement project in Bangladesh, connecting the rural population to agricultural development zones.

10 Jun 2020 | News from Country Offices

ADB Finances Landmark Private Sector Solar Plant in Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has signed a $17.7 million financing package with Spectra Solar Park Limited (SSPL) to invest in a 35-megawatt utility-scale solar photovoltaic plant in Bangladesh. The solar park is one of the first pr....

07 May 2020 | News Release

ADB Approves $500 Million for Bangladesh's COVID-19 Response

ADB today approved an additional $500 million loan to bolster the efforts of the Government of Bangladesh to manage the impact of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic on the country’s economy and the public health.

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15 Apr 2020 | Op-Ed / Opinion

Is Developing Asia Ready for the Industry 4.0 Revolution? - Shixin Chen

Smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) promise to disrupt the long-standing "Asian growth model" that has fuelled industrial development in developing Asia.

27 Feb 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Getting out of a jam in Dhaka

Bangladesh’s capital has some of the worst traffic in the world but a new rail system that will be able to carry an estimated 60,000 people an hour is providing hope.  

26 Feb 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Asia needs to get cooking when it comes to solar energy

Solar power is helping Asia get electricity to people, particularly in rural and remote areas, but it has fallen behind in its use as a clean energy cooking source.

12 Feb 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Leveling the playing field: Can digital technologies address inequity in cities?

Throughout Asia and the world, digital solutions are being found for urban problems. Policymakers and city leaders should ensure that the poor do not get left behind in this digital transformation of cities.

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