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Bhutan Resident Mission (BHRM): Contacts and Holidays


Bhutan Resident Mission (BHRM) - Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2nd Floor, Royal Textile Academy Building, Norzin Lam, Chhubachhu, Thimphu - 11001
 Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
  Tel +975 339 150; 339-151  E-mail  adbbhutan

About Us

Bhutan Resident Mission (BHRM) provides support to ADB Headquarters in:

  • country programming
  • project processing
  • project administration
  • tripartite portfolio review meeting

BHRM is also responsible for strengthening:

  • relations with the government, civil society, and the private sector
  • policy dialogue
  • country reporting
  • aid and development partner coordination
  • external relations and information dissemination


Kanokpan LAO-ARAYA (Ms)
Country Director
Tshewang NORBU (Mr)
Senior Country Coordination Officer

Holidays 2018

The Bhutan Resident Mission will be closed on these dates:

New Year (Losar) February 16 (Friday)
Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King February 23 (Friday)
Zhabdrung Kuchoe April 25 (Wednesday)
Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana May 29 (Tuesday)
First Sermon of Lord Buddha July 16 (Monday)
Thimpu Tschechu September 20, 21 (Thursday, Friday)
Dassain October 19 (Friday)
Coronation Day November 1 (Thursday)
National Day December 17 (Monday)

Last updated: as of 24 January 2018