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Bhutan and ADB

ADB has supported Bhutan through various programs since 1982, with strong emphasis on renewable energy production, transport connectivity, and key urban infrastructure projects.

Translations in Dzongkha


Spotlight on Bhutan

Project Result / Case Study

Health Sector Development In Bhutan: Improving Disease Detection

The Health Sector Development Program, supported by the ADF facility and additional ADF grant funding for a total of $20 million, is improving primary health care delivery and information systems. It is also upgrading the country’s disease surveillance systems and policies to help Bhutan and the region prepare for and manage pandemics.


The Demographic Dividend in Bhutan: Taking Advantage of Transition

This policy brief discusses how Bhutan can maximize the benefits of its demographic transition, which is providing a larger working-age population and a lower dependency burden.

Project Result / Case Study

Climate Change and Disasters: Protecting Townships in Bhutan

A major focus of the Phuentsholing Township Development Project is to provide a safer space in which the town can grow by helping develop a new urban center with raised ground levels in an area sheltered by the embankments.

Op-Ed / Opinion

Helping Bhutan’s SMEs is Critical for Women Empowerment - Ingrid van Wees

Strengthening Bhutan’s SMEs is critical in helping women empowerment in the country. In 2016, 36% of the registered micro, small and medium enterprises were owned and managed by women. With a female-to-male labor force ratio of 59%, Bhutan’s economic future is tied to the ability of women to seize and expand opportunities in the marketplace.