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Cambodia: Economy

In the absence of quarterly or half-yearly GDP data, other evidence suggests that the economy is on track to grow strongly this year, as anticipated in April in the Asian Development Outlook 2017 Update. Improved weather supported farm and fishery output in the first half of the year. The government approved construction projects worth nearly $5 billion in the first 6 months, up by 27% year on year. Indicating strong growth in the service sector, international tourist arrivals reached 2.3 million in the first 5 months. This meant 12.5% growth year on year, more than quadrupling meager 2.4% growth in arrivals in the previous 12-month period. Read more from Asian Development Outlook 2017 Update

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*2017 and 2018 are forecasts.

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The latest available economic data for Cambodia compared to countries in Southeast Asia.

*2017 and 2018 are forecasts.

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Asian Development Outlook 2017 Update