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Cambodia and ADB

ADB operations in Cambodia focus on improvement of livelihoods and employment in rural areas; national, provincial, and rural roads; climate-resilient infrastructure; upper secondary education; addressing skills gaps; and implementation of government reform programs for public financial management and decentralization.

Featured Projects

46009-001: Flood Damage Emergency Reconstruction Project

ADB is helping Cambodia restore key infrastructure in provinces that were damaged by the 2011 flood. The project will rehabilitate national, provincial, and rural roads, including bridges and culverts. It will also restore irrigation and flood control facilities.

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38558-013: Water Resources Management Sector Development Program

ADB is helping Cambodia improve the management of its water resources and upgrade irrigation services. The project will rehabilitate and upgrade about 15,000 hectares of small- and medium-sized irrigation schemes within the Tonle Sap basin. It will also strengthen the capacity of the government and communities to manage water resources.

41435-013: Tonle Sap Poverty Reduction and Smallholder Development Project

ADB is helping Cambodia boost incomes and livelihood opportunities for thousands of poor households in four provinces in the Tonle Sap Basin region. The project will help establish commune-based livelihood improvement groups that will provide revolving funds to members to buy agricultural supplies such as seeds and fertilizers. It will improve agricultural productivity and access to markets.

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Project Result / Case Study

Making Sure New Roads Are Safe Roads in Rural Cambodia

A new community-based road safety program aims to ensure that smoother roads don’t create more traffic hazards in rural Cambodia.

Project Result / Case Study

Cambodian farmers find reasons to stay on the land

In Cambodia, farmers are gaining access to the technology, markets, credit, and knowledge that they need to earn better incomes.

Project Result / Case Study

Expanding Access to Affordable Electricity in Cambodia

New transmission lines light up towns as cross-border energy cooperation links Cambodia and Viet Nam grids.