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Cook Islands and ADB

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  • ADB's Work in the Cook Islands

    Since the Cook Islands joined ADB in 1976, ADB has worked as a partner to build critical infrastructure, helped build resilience, responded to disasters, and supported the government’s policy reforms aimed at spurring economic growth and reducing hardship.

  • How can the Pacific tackle the challenges of isolation?

    Pacific economies are looking to overcome their remoteness through telecommunications technology, improved transport networks, and greater private investment and competition, says a new ADB report.

  • 50 Years of Partnership in the Pacific

    This video features ADB’s work in the Pacific and the partnership ADB shares with its developing member countries. It also shows how ADB’s support has changed over the years to meet the development needs of the region.

  • Cook Islands: Investing in a Sustainable Future

    This country brief highlights how ADB operations have helped the Cook Islands weather cyclones and fiscal crises, and contribute to stable economic and social infrastructure.

The Cook Islands consists of 15 small islands dispersed over 1.8 million square kilometers of the South Pacific Ocean.

Tourism is the country’s leading source of revenue, accounting for around 60% of gross domestic product, ahead of offshore banking, pearl farming, marine industry, and fruit exports. The Cook Islands is highly vulnerable to external economic shocks, especially falls in tourism, and is prone to natural disasters, particularly cyclones.

The ADB country operations business plan (COBP), 2017-2019 for the Cook Islands is aligned with ADB’s Pacific Approach 2016-2020, which guides ADB’s operational assistance in the Pacific and serves as the country partnership, with an emphasis on reducing costs, managing risks, and enabling value creation.


Projects in the Cook Islands