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Fiji and ADB

ADB has partnered with Fiji since 1970, with support largely directed to improving transport infrastructure and extending access to clean water and modern sanitation.

ADB's country partnership strategy focuses on encouraging private sector investment, improving service delivery and economic opportunities, and building resilience. In doing so, ADB will support Fiji to achieve sustained and inclusive growth.

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Pacific Economic Monitor: May 2019 – Special 10th Anniversary Issue

For Fiji, growth is projected to improve to 3.2% in 2019. All sectors are expected to grow, with tourism in the lead, but construction will likely contribute substantially.

News Release

Building Resilience is Key to Economic Growth in the Pacific

The economies of countries in the Pacific are expected to recover over the next two years, although building resilience against natural hazards and climate change remains a key priority, according to a new ADB report.


Fiji’s Ports Are Upgraded to Become Safe Havens of Trade

A project that was unveiled in 2006 making Fiji’s ports safer and more efficient has contributed to the country’s economic growth and stability. ADB contributed to the project with a $16.8 million loan.


Fiji 2019: ADB Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank will be held in Fiji from Wednesday, 1 May to Sunday, 5 May 2019.

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Unlocking the Economic Potential of Women in the Pacific

Doing business in the Pacific is hard, but it’s a lot harder for women. Fortunately, sweeping reforms across the Pacific are creating an enabling environment for business and opening up opportunities for women.

Project Result / Case Study

Pilot Implementation of AquaRating in Fiji

The objective of this pilot and demonstration activity (PDA) is to introduce the AquaRating Tool, an independent water-auditing tool, to the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF), as part of an ADB-funded investment program that will improve access to sustainable water supply and sewerage services in the Greater Suva Area. Piloting the tool in Fiji will provide a comprehensive performance assessment of the water utility and aid in evaluating the applicability of the AquaRating tool in Asia and the Pacific.

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Making It Easier to Do Business in the Pacific

It is now easier to register a business in many Pacific island countries following a successful pilot program in the Solomon Islands.


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