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Georgia and ADB

ADB's key development priorities in Georgia include fostering inclusive and sustainable economic growth, accelerating poverty reduction, and enhancing regional connectivity.

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  • Project Result / Case Study
    Pilot Application of IWA Water Balance Methodology

    This pilot and demonstration activity will introduce the methodology in five countries representing the five regions of ADB’s operations and promote a standardized approach to measuring nonrevenue water, increasing capacity and adoption into respective operations.

  • Project Result / Case Study
    Roads and Overland Travel Between Azerbaijan and Georgia

    For years, the bad road stretching between the city of Gazakh in western Azerbaijan and the Georgian border has hampered the local economy. Farmers have faced high costs transporting produce to the nearby town of Ganja, the capital Baku, or to cities in Georgia. In a region famed for its natural beauty, sacred monuments and unique tea houses, precious tourist dollars have also been lost.