Phnom Penh Plan for Development Management

The Phnom Penh Plan is a key program under the Human Resource Development Strategy of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Economic Cooperation Program. The plan is designed to help develop a core group of motivated development leaders and managers who are content to manage the complex and challenging GMS development agenda.

The Phnom Penh Plan will contribute to the design and implementation of effective and efficient strategies and projects to promote regional cooperation. Its intended outcome is for GMS civil servants to apply the acquired knowledge and skills set in the workplace.

The Phnom Penh Plan's distinguishing factors include:

  • providing learning programs tailored to the needs of GMS civil servants
  • integrating the national and regional dimensions of development planning and management
  • identifying skills and subjects of the highest relevance to development management
  • adopting a variety of unique and innovative approaches, inputs and incentives to support capacity building

The components and activities of the Phnom Penh Plan are premised on capacity building being a long-term process that requires strong commitment and ownership of the GMS countries. Key activities of the Phnom Penh Plan include learning programs, intellectual capital development, advocacy and knowledge sharing activities, institutional networking, and establishing a core of GMS leaders.

Core principles and competence

The core principles and competence that Phnom Penh Plan is associated with are the following:

  • Niche-based Learning - given the magnitude of the management development task in the GMS countries, the program will concentrate on priority learning needs that will enhance the managerial and leadership competence of middle to senior level officials.
  • Value Creation - the program will focus on activities that will create value for the GMS and achieve significant development impact.
  • Excellence - the program has a strong commitment to provide top quality development management programs to GMS officials.
  • Commitment - the program is committed to making a difference to GMS development by targeting a select group of GMS managers and leaders who will be given opportunities to develop their competencies to take the GMS forward in a sustainable way.
  • Development Management Savvy - the program will invest in capacity building interventions that will promote development management in the GMS region and build on expertise anchored in the GMS context.

Outputs and activities

Four outputs are envisaged for the Phnom Penh Plan with key activities as follows:

  • GMS government officials acquire knowledge and develop skills set - learning programs and fellowship programs
  • Knowledge acquisition, dissemination, and networking on GMS cooperation improved - short learning events, alumni events, learning resource centers, website, and newsletter
  • High-quality research on priority GMS development issues accessible to GMS civil servants - research program and journal
  • An effective project management and performance monitoring system implemented - performance monitoring and evaluation, pre- and post-learning program questionnaires, and tracer studies

The Phnom Penh Plan is now on its fourth phase (March 2010-March 2012).

Learning Resource Centers (LRC) have been established under the Phnom Penh Plan in the ADB Cambodia Resident Mission and Lao Resident Mission to promote GMS awareness and knowledge.

The LRCs offer to the public a wide range of facilities and services that will stimulate development thinking, and provide access to top of the line knowledge and information available on the GMS. The center acts as a one-stop-shop of knowledge sources and information gateways on the subregion. Phnom Penh Plan LRCs are depositories of information that will provide the general public with access to ADB and GMS databases, variety of research, and development related multimedia publications.

Providing financial assistance to the Phnom Penh Plan are:

  • New Zealand Agency for International Development
  • Agence Francaise De Developpement
  • PRC Regional Cooperation and Poverty Reduction Fund
  • Korea e-Asia and Knowledge Partnership Fund


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