GMS Working Group on Human Resource Development (WGHRD)

The Working Group on Human Resource Development (WGHRD) seeks to promote human resource development cooperation in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).

Established in 1995, the WGHRD has been addressing subregional issues in education and skills development; labor and migration; health; and social development. The first Strategic Framework and Action Plan for HRD in the GMS 2009-2012 was formally endorsed at the 15th GMS Ministerial Conference in June 2009. This was superseded by the second framework and action plan for 2013-2017 endorsed at the 18th GMS Ministerial Conference held in December 2012.

The goal of the HRD strategy is to foster sustainable regional human resource development to contribute to increased subregional competitiveness, connectivity and community. The objectives are to support HRD initiatives that directly facilitate the process of subregional cooperation and integration, and address cross-border HRD issues directly linked to GMS integration.


The overarching WHGRD consists of five representatives from each country - a WGHRD focal point plus a focal point for each of the 4 subsectors (education; health; labor and migration; and social development).

Separate subsector working groups have been formed under the overarching WGHRD for each of the 4 subsectors. The subsector focal points on the overarching WGHRD are also the members of the subsector working groups. Furthermore, Country subsector focal points convene country meetings of ministries and agencies to facilitate country level discussion on specific action.