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India and ADB

ADB's support to India aims to accelerate economic transformation by building industrial competitiveness, creating jobs, accelerating growth of low-income states, and addressing environmental and climate change challenges.

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Project Result / Case Study

India: Harvesting the Results of a Reliable Power Supply in Madhya Pradesh

In central India, ADB and the government partnered to bring an innovative solution to the long-standing problem of an unreliable power supply.

Project Result / Case Study

Flushing Out Growth in India’s Desert State

Rajasthan’s economic prospects are set to rise as growth bottlenecks in its cities are cleared and public services improved.

Project Result / Case Study

In Andhra Pradesh, India, New Economic Corridors Create Path to Prosperity

Economic corridors can tap India’s huge unrealized potential for manufacturing, spurring industrial development and creating millions of urgently-needed jobs.