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India and ADB

ADB is supporting India’s fast, green, and inclusive recovery from COVID-19 with investments in infrastructure, small-enterprise development, and the social sector.

Mainstreaming Public-Private Partnerships in India

The Indian economy has been delivering strong economic growth across most sectors for the last few years. However, to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth, it is vital to develop the country's infrastructure, such as power, water, roads, ports, airports, urban bus and metro lines, health and education facilities. Infrastructure demand is expected to go up to $1 trillion under India’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-2017).

The Government of India has therefore focused on developing several enabling tools and activities to spur private sector investments into the country through public-private partnerships (PPPs). These are vital for catalyzing investments in new infrastructure, and for efficient operation and maintenance of assets, existing and new, over their lifetime and ensuring focus on service delivery.

The ADB-India PPP Initiative

Mainstreaming PPPs in India is a joint program of ADB and the government, through India’s Department of Economic Affairs, which focus on such activities as:

  • capacity building of officials,
  • process standardization,
  • sector tools,
  • development funds, and
  • project development.

Since 2006, ADB has been supporting the program through seven technical assistance projects.

The initiative will continue to evolve with the changing needs of the PPP environment in India and aid in the overall inclusive growth of the country.

India: PPP Resources


Guidelines for Procurement of PPP Projects through Swiss Challenge Route

Under paragraph 29 of the New Infrastructure Policy 2007, the Government of Karnataka (GoK) invites Private Sector Participants to submit innovative proposals to GoK/ GoK Agency for setting up infrastructure projects. These guidelines articulate the applicability, institutional mechanisms and processes with reference to appraisal and approval of Swiss Challenge proposals received.

Improving Health and Education Service Delivery in India through Public-Private Partnerships

This report provides a quick guide to international and national PPP cases in the health and education delivery sectors as well as practical ideas and suggested models to interested project sponsors, especially within government bodies responsible for sector development.

Sector Toolkits

Tool Kit for Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Water Supply for the State of Maharashtra, India

This toolkit is expected to assist the relevant public entities in Maharashtra state for developing PPP-based projects in water supply and sanitation, and may also be used as reference by similar other cities across the country.

Tool Kit for Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Bus Transport for the State of Maharashtra, India

Improvements in urban infrastructure both for enhancing the quality of life and for increased productivity are critical. Developing mass transit solutions for the urban population is especially a crucial element of this. The toolkit should be useful for public entities in the State of Maharashtra for developing PPP-based projects in urban bus transport and could also provide a reference point for use in other cities, across the country, for project development.