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ADB's support to India aims to accelerate economic transformation by building industrial competitiveness, creating jobs, accelerating growth of low-income states, and addressing environmental and climate change challenges.

Capacity Development Resource Center (CDRC) of India Resident Mission (INRM)

CDRC of INRM conducts capacity development programs on ADB Procedures, Project Implementation and Thematic Topics to support project design, implementation and evaluation. The training programs are based on a training needs assessment survey with project officers and executing agencies (EA) so that the programs are demand driven. Resource persons for ADB programs are drawn from ADB. National and international institutions and experts are also invited as Resource Persons for these programs to draw from best practices and knowledge from national and international institutions and practitioners. Training programs are organized/conducted in collaboration with national institutions like Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR), etc. since such an arrangement is economical in cost and local resources are utilized for long term sustainability. The capacity development calendar is finalized in consultation with Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance. By attending these courses, EA staff will continuously strengthen their knowledge, skills and behavior to achieve effective performance.

Proposed Training Calendar 2020

No. Course Target Audience Frequency (days) Resource Persons Dates and Venue** No. of Participants Objective
1 ADB Disbursement Procedures and Financial Management for Chennai Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor (CKIC) - Power Sector Investment Project TANTRANSCO EA Officials 2 ADB 6-7 Jan, Chennai 42 To orient TANTRANSCO executing agency of CKIC to ADB Disbursement procedures and Financial Management as requested by the Project officer.
2 Workshop on Procurement / Consultant Selection for UPPCL and DISCOMS UPPCL EA Officials 2 ADB 16-17 Jan, Lucknow 15 To orient UPPCL executing agency officials to ADB Procurement, Consultant Selection procedures.
3 Financial Management Workshop - Financial Due Diligence, Financial Reporting and Auditing EA Officials 2 ADB 3-4 Feb, Goa 37 For better understanding of ADB’s financial management framework, gain overview of ADB’s financial due diligence (FDD) in ADB’s sovereign operations, improve their skills in preparing audited financial statements and related audit reports.
4 Workshop on Procurement, Consultant Selection, Disbursement Clinic for Maharashtra Road Improvement Project (MRIP) MRIP EA Officials 2 ADB TBD Feb / Mar, Mumbai 30 To orient MRIP executing agency officials to ADB Procurement, Consultant Selection, Disbursement and Financial Management procedures.
5 Orientation to Project Directors on ADB Procedures Project Directors and Senior Executives 2.5 ADB TBD 30 To orient Project Directors and senior officials of ongoing /new projects to ADB requirements early in the project cycle to ensure better readiness at entry and implementation
6 Business Opportunity Seminar Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers and EA staff 1 ADB and EA Staff 3 June, New Delhi 100 To disseminate procurement opportunities available under ADB projects to attract good quality contractors and consultants to participate in bidding and discuss contract management issues.
7 Introduction to FIDIC Contract Management and Contract Administration Clinic Middle Management Staff 3 FIDIC Accredited Tutor 16-18 Apr ASCI, Hyderabad 40 Introduction to FIDIC Clauses and discuss contract management issues faced during implementation.
8 FIDIC Online Help Desk Senior and Middle Management Staff of all projects using FIDIC Documents Throughout the year FIDIC Accredited Tutor Throughout the year 70 EAs will identify contract management issues being faced on the field and send them to the FIDIC Tutor. A skype or videoconference will be organized between FIDIC Tutor, EA staff to discuss the issues and to arrive at possible solutions.
9 FIDIC DBO Contract Management (West Bengal / Karnataka urban projects) Middle Management Staff of Urban Project EA 2 FIDIC Accredited Tutor 20-21 Apr, Kolkata 60 To discuss various clauses of FIDIC Gold Book (DBO Contract) and address issues being faced in contract implementation.
10 DPR Preparation and Project Readiness for North-East Projects Senior and Middle Management Staff of EAs 2 CEAI 19-20 May, Kolkata 30 To sensitize EA staff on various aspects to be included in the detailed project report (DPR) preparation and improve their skills and knowledge in the use of emerging techniques and new tools.
11 ADB Procurement, Consultant Selection Procedures for Executing Agencies Middle Management Staff of EA 3 ADB 9-11 June ASCI, Hyderabad 30 To orient middle management EA staff to ADB procedures. The program addresses the issue of attrition in ongoing projects by training new staff of ongoing projects and also trains EA staff of pipeline projects to facilitate better readiness at entry.
12 ADB Gender Policies, Procedures and Gender Mainstreaming Middle Management Staff of EA 2 ADB 16-17 June ASCI, Hyderabad 30 To orient middle management staff of new EAs to ADB procedures to support better implementation. To focus Gender Mainstreaming best practices including gender responsive budgeting (GRB) and planning for GEN / EGM projects. The objective of the training will be to: (i) build a basic understanding and the rationale for gender mainstreaming across sectors; (ii) learn from diverse experiences on the application of gender mainstreaming tools; and (iii) share national and international good practices in gender mainstreaming with special focus on the application of GRB and gender audits.
13 Construction Project Management Middle Management Staff of EA 5 NICMAR 6-10 July NICMAR, Pune 30 Introduce middle management EA staff to construction project management including quantity survey, preparation of cost estimates, site supervision, safety norms etc.
14 ADB Disbursement Procedures, Financial Reporting and Auditing for Executing Agencies Middle Management Staff of EA 5 ADB 20-24 July ASCI, Hyderabad 30 To orient middle management staff of ongoing and new projects to ADB procedures to support better readiness at entry and implementation. The program also addresses the issue of attrition in ongoing projects by training new staff of ongoing projects.
15 ADB Safeguard Procedures for Executing Agencies Middle Management Staff of EA 3 ADB 25-27 Aug ASCI, Hyderabad 30 To build awareness on ADB Safeguards procedures among onoing and new projects and nodal departments early in the project cycle to facilitate smooth project processing and implementation.
16 Financial Management Clinics (Provision is made for 4 clinics) Middle Management Staff of EA 2 ADB Need based 30 To discuss financial management issues specific to a project at the project site. Individual financial management consultants will handhold EAs in improving quality and timely submission of APFS. Consultants will be mobilised on call based on project needs.
17 Procurement Clinic (Provision is made for 4 clinics) Middle Management Staff of EA 2 ADB Need based 30 Through Procurement Clinics ADB Procurement staff visit project sites. EA staff raise issues faced in day to day procurement and contract management and ADB staff provide possible solutions.
18 Orientation to DEA staff on ADB Project Cycle DEA staff 1 ADB Need based 8 The program orients DEA staff to ADB project cycle consisting of loan processing requirements, procurement etc. to facilitate informed decision making.
  TPRM   2 ADB TBD    
  TPRM   2 ADB TBD    
  Total         672  
              as of March 11 2020

* A few programs may be added (in the mid-year) to respond to the operational needs, including for the new project executing agencies.

**Programs will be conducted in consultation with sector groups and based on adequate nominations.

***Dates are tentative and may change based on TPRM dates, resouce persons availability or any other unforeseen reasons.

For further information please contact:

India Resident Mission (INRM) Vikram Harsha ANNAMRAJU (Mr) Senior Project Officer (Social Sector)   Tel +91 11 3090 0688/3090 0600  E-mail
India Resident Mission (INRM) Geeta MALHORTA (Ms) Associate Portfolio Management Officer   Tel +91 11 3090 0627/3090 0600  E-mail