Capacity Development Resource Centre (CDRC) in India

In 2008, ADB’s India Resident Mission (INRM) started capacity development programs for executing agency staff on a pilot basis. In the following two years, INRM focused on delivering capacity development programs on ADB procedures.

In 2011, INRM adopted an institutional approach to capacity development and established the Capacity Development Resource Center (CDRC). Thanks to this initiative the capacity development efforts of INRM received a fillip. Training programs were scaled up to reach an increasing number of executing agency staff, with the coverage expanding to project implementation and thematic topics. CDRC also developed a network of Indian training and academic institutions to make capacity development local resource driven. CDRC collaborated with various national institutions including the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, the Administrative Staff College of India in Hyderabad, the Indian Academy of Highway Engineers, the National Institute of Construction Management and Research in Pune, the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, for delivery of training programs on project implementation and thematic topics.

Executing agencies from Afghanistan also participate in CDRC programs. It is envisaged that EA officials from Bhutan will make use of CDRC programs during 2017. Nepal Resident Mission (NRM) established a CDRC to meet the country’s capacity development needs.

CDRC produced 2 publications in 2016 which were launched at the [email protected] event in New Delhi:

(i) ‘Capacity Development for Project Implementation – The Operation and Experience of the Capacity Development Resource Center at ADB’s India Resident Mission’ which explains how the CDRC evolved, highlights of capacity development, feedback of executing agencies on capacity development programs, etc. This publication is expected to serve as a ready reckoner for other Resident Missions to replicate CDRC model to meet their own capacity development needs; and

(ii) ‘FIDIC Contracts – 200 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers’. The publication encapsulates the oft-repeated queries of officials from executing agencies implementing FIDIC based contracts. This will especially be of help to agencies which have been exposed to FIDIC Contract Management fairly recently.

During 2017, INRM proposes to host training programs on ADB Procedures at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad; training programs on Construction Management and Construction Safety and Health at National Institute of Construction Management And Research, Pune and also involve Indian Institute of Management/Indian Institutes of Technology and tap their expertise towards training senior EA officials for better project management and faster implementation.

2017 Capacity Development Training Calendar as approved by Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs is attached for Project Directors to file nominations as per their requirements.

  Download Training Calendar

Training Calendar 2017

No Training Topics* Resource Person Proposed Dates** No. of Days Venue Program
1 Procurement, Contract Management Clinic with inputs on ADB Gender and Safeguards Procedures for Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (BUIDCO) ADB 7-8 Feb (Tues-Wed) 2 Patna Non-residential
2 Procurement and Contract Management Clinic for MP Projects ADB 14-15 Feb (Tues-Wed) 2 Guwahati Residential
3 ADB Loan Products with focus on Local Currency Financing ADB 28 Feb (Tues) 1 Delhi Residential
4 ADB Safeguards Procedures ADB 1-3 Mar (Wed-Fri) 3 ASCI Residential
5 ADB Disbursement Procedures ADB 5-7 Apr (Wed-Fri) 3 ASCI Residential
6 ADB Procurement and Consultant Selection Procedures ADB 11-13 Apr (Tues-Thurs) 3 ASCI Residential

Strategic Management for Urban Health

IIM-A 17-19 Apr (Mon-Wed) 3 Ahmedabad Residential
8 Procurement and Contract Management Clinic For IDIPT Projects (HP/Punjab and Uttarakhand) ADB 26-27 April (Wed-Thurs) 2 Chandigarh Residential
  Business Opportunities Seminar followed by Contract Management Clinic ADB 3-4 May (Wed-Thurs) 1 Chennai Non-Residential
9 Procurement and Contract Management Clinic for Uttarakhand Projects ADB 11-12 May (Thurs-Fri) 2 Dehradun Non-Residential
10 ADB Gender Procedures ADB 23-24 May (Tues-Wed) 2 ASCI Residential
11 Orientation to Project Directors on ADB Procedures ADB 7-9 Jun (Wed-Fri) 3 Chandigarh Residential
12 24x7 Water Supply in Urban Areas KUIDFC 20-22 Jun (Tues-Thurs) 3 Bangalore Residential
13 Procurement and Contract Management Clinic for HP Projects ADB 29-30 Jun (Thurs-Fri) 2 Shimla Non-residential
14 Gender Audit ADB 11-12 Jul (Tues-Wed) 2 Delhi Residential
15 Good Practices in Road Sector Management TBD 19-20 Jul (Wed-Thurs) 2 Delhi Residential
16 Strengthening Evaluation Capacity and Knowledge Sharing through Traning on Project Completion Report Preparation ADB 26-28 Jul (Wed-Fri) 3 Delhi Residential
  TPRM     1    
17 River Basin Planning and Management IIT-Roorkee 9-11 Aug (Wed-Fri) 3 Roorkee Residential
18 Smart Grid Technology and Application in Power Industry TBD 22-23 Aug (Tues-Wed) 2 TBD Residential
19 Open Slot for Procurement and Contract Management Clinic ADB 6-7 Sep (Wed-Thurs) 2 TBD Non-residential

Construction Safety and Health


20-21 Sep (Wed-Thurs)




21 Decentralized Waste Water Supply ASCI TBD 3 Hyderabad Residential
22 Gender Program for North East projects ADB 5-6 Oct (Thurs-Fri) 2 Guwahati Residential
23 Procurement and Contract Management Clinic for NE Projects ADB 12-13 Oct (Thurs-Fri) 2 Imphal Residential
24 Construction Management NICMAR 6-10 Nov (Mon-Fri) 5 Delhi Residential
  Business Opportunities Seminar followed by Contract Management Clinic ADB 28-29 Nov (Tues-Wed) 1 Mumbai  

* Programs will be conducted in consultation with sector groups and based on adequate nominations.

** Dates of training programs are tentative.

Nominations should be filed by the project directors online at

For further information please contact:

India Resident Mission (INRM) Gurjyot SINGH (Mr) Senior Portfolio Management Officer   Tel: +91 11 3090 0623/3090 0600  E-mail
India Resident Mission (INRM) Geeta MALHORTA (Ms) Associate Portfolio Management Officer   Tel: +91 11 3090 0627/3090 0600  E-mail