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Kazakhstan and ADB

ADB operations in Kazakhstan aim to help lessen the country’s dependence on commodity exports, reduce inequalities, and address vulnerabilities associated with climate change.

28 Aug 2020 | News from Country Offices

ADB Provides $3 Million Grant for Kazakhstan's Fight Against COVID-19

ADB has approved a $3 million grant from its Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund (APDRF) to support Kazakhstan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

14 Aug 2020 | Article

Five Things to Know: Trends in Road and Railway Trade Efficiency in Central Asia

Using data from shipments collected over the past 10 years, a new report sheds light on changes in the speed and costs of moving goods across borders and along six priority transport corridors that crisscross the region.

25 Jun 2020 | News Release

ADB Approves $1 Billion Assistance Package to Support Kazakhstan's Pandemic Response

ADB has approved a $1 billion assistance package to help the Government of Kazakhstan mitigate the health, social, and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

24 Jun 2020 | Article

12 Things to Know: The Rise of Renewable Energy in Asia and the Pacific

A glimpse into how ADB uses innovative approaches to make renewable energy projects viable and promote low-carbon economic growth.

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08 Oct 2020 | Asian Development Blog

In Central Asia, a Soviet-era electricity network could power future energy sharing

With expanding regional cooperation and a readily available platform, the building blocks are in place for Central Asia to achieve energy security, resilience and economic competitiveness.

05 Oct 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Countries in Central and West Asia must avoid a COVID-19 race to the bottom

Governments in Central and West Asia must commit to reforms and get them right, or face a downward spiral. The costs of the crisis are already obvious in rising deficits and debt. There is no room for complacency.

17 Sep 2020 | Speech

CAREC - Regional Cooperation in the Time of COVID-19: Lessons Learned and Way Forward - Shixin Chen

Opening remarks by Shixin Chen. ADB Vice President (Operations 1) at the CAREC - Regional Cooperation in the Time of COVID-19: Lessons Learned and Way Forward session, 17 September 2020

08 May 2020 | Asian Development Blog

A new era of clean energy cooperation along the old Silk Road

The historic spirit of cross-border trade in Central Asia is being revived in the energy sector.

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