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Kyrgyz Republic and ADB

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  • Kyrgyz Republic: Economy

    Kyrgyz Republic growth is projected to slow to 3.0% in 2017 and recover to 3.5% in 2018. Find out about current and projected economic growth in the Kyrgyz Republic and compare the data with other developing countries in Central Asia.

  • Business in Kyrgyz Republic: Resilience amid adversity

    The current low global commodity prices and slow economic recovery in the Russian Federation are taking a severe toll on the market. If the government puts in place the necessary infrastructure to address the impact of the economic slowdown, and businesses quickly adapt to the new economic conditions, things will eventually get better.

  • Unlocking the Potential of Railways: A Railway Strategy for CAREC (2017–2030)

    This publication provides a blueprint for the sound, long–term development of CAREC railways. It envisions rail transport to become a mode of choice for trade: quick, efficient, accessible for customers, and easy to use throughout the region.

  • The Kyrgyz Republic: Building a Brighter Future in the Heart of Central Asia

    ADB has been among the top development partners of the Kyrgyz Republic, playing a key role in road transport, education, the finance sector, and agriculture and rural development.

In recent years, the Kyrgyz Republic has maintained a strong development agenda to reduce poverty through inclusive economic growth.

With the support of ADB, the government has sought to reform legal and regulatory frameworks, improve the country’s business environment, make affordable finance available to all, improve the reliability of electricity services, and allow the people to become more employable.

The ADB country partnership strategy, 2013–2017 supports the objectives of the Kyrgyz Republic’s National Sustainable Development Strategy, 2013–2017, aiming to remove key constraints to growth and expand access to economic opportunities.

The Kyrgyz Republic is a member of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program.


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