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Kyrgyz Republic and ADB

With ADB's support, the Kyrgyz Republic has sought to reform legal and regulatory frameworks, improve its business environment, make affordable finance available to all, improve the reliability of electricity services, and help its citizens become more employable.

Translations in Russian (Русский)


Spotlight on the Kyrgyz Republic

News Release

ADB Deal with RG Brands to Support Women-Run Businesses in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic

ADB and RG Brands, a leading food and beverage group in Kazakhstan, signed a $20 million loan to modernize operations along the company’s regional distribution chain. The assistance will improve the livelihoods of shopkeepers...


Asian Development Bank and the Kyrgyz Republic: Fact Sheet

The Kyrgyz Republic joined ADB in 1994 and the bank has since approved 44 loans ($1.2 billion) and 40 grants ($662 million) from the Asian Development Fund (ADF) as well as 6 grants ($7.5 million) from Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction. ADB has also financed 104 technical assistance projects ($60.2 million).


Promoting Regional Tourism Cooperation under CAREC 2030

This study seeks to assess the potential of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program as a platform to promote a regional approach to tourism development.

News from Country Offices

Kyrgyz Republic: Building a Brighter Future in the Heart of Central Asia

This country brief presents how ADB's operations in the Kyrgyz Republic help improve people's lives in the country and the challenges ADB and the country face in pursuing agreed development goals.