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Nauru and ADB

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  • Port Upgrade Throws a Lifeline to the People of Nauru

    A $79.59 million project co-financed by ADB, the Governments of Australia and Nauru, and the Green Climate Fund, is set to transform Nauru’s 111-year-old Aiwo boat harbor into an efficient, reliable, and climate-resilient port.

  • New Generators Commissioned to Deliver Safe, Reliable Power to Nauru

    ADB, the European Union, and the governments of Australia and Nauru commissioned two generators which will provide safe, reliable, and efficient electricity supply to the people and businesses of Nauru.

  • Pacific Economic Monitor - December 2017

    This latest issue highlights the gains of Pacific developing member countries and the challenges that these countries continue to face including the impacts of climate change.

  • ADB’s Work in Nauru

    Nauru, the world’s smallest island nation, faces acute development challenges including distance from international markets, uncertain sources of future revenue, and inadequate infrastructure. ADB has been a key partner in helping build a more sustainable economic future.

Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation, located significant distances from international markets.

In recent years, the economy has benefited from the presence of a regional processing center for asylum seekers, strong revenues from fishing licenses, and the liquidation of the Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust. Economic and fiscal sustainability, however, remain key concerns for the government. The country relies on narrow and uncertain sources of revenue, with limited private sector opportunities. Education outcomes are improving but are still poor by international standards, while rates of noncommunicable diseases are among the highest in the world.

ADB and Nauru have been working together to strengthen public financial management, raise the performance of state-owned enterprises, improve service delivery, and address infrastructure needs.


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