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Nepal and ADB

ADB's country partnership strategy for Nepal considers development challenges in a federal system, the strategic objectives and priorities of the government, the activities of other development partners in the country, and the best use of the bank’s limited resources.

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Project Result / Case Study

Reliable Electricity Supply Gives New Lease on Life to Nepal’s Villages

ADB projects in Nepal are strengthening the nation's electricity transmission system while improving people's lives at the grassroots level.

Project Result / Case Study

Pilot Application of IWA Water Balance Methodology

One of the priority thrusts under ADB’s Water Operational Plan 2011–2020 is increased water use efficiency in municipal water supply through aggressive reduction of nonrevenue water (NRW). Water loss or NRW is one of the main and most urgent problems for many water utilities in Asia and the Pacific. This is usually due to one or several factors: aging infrastructure, lack of holistic asset management practices, water theft, and improper accounting of water.

Project Result / Case Study

Police and Community Partnership in Nepal Tackling Violence Against Women

In Nepal, the police established the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) network in 20 districts across the country in coordination with civil society organizations and with support from ADB. The network helps women feel more comfortable reporting gender-based crime and domestic violence.