Pakistan and ADB

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  • Pakistan: Country Operations Business Plan, 2017–2019

    The country operations business plan, 2017–2019 for Pakistan of ADB is aligned with ADB’s country partnership strategy, 2015–2019 for Pakistan. The country partnership strategy proposes to support the government’s objective of high, sustained, and inclusive growth, focusing on infrastructure development and institutional reforms.

  • New Weir in Pakistan's Punjab Provides Extensive Irrigation

    In Pakistan's province of Punjab, ADB is working with the government to replace a 100-year-old weir that regulates water flow to canals irrigating more than 12,000 sq km of agricultural land.

  • Pakistan Gets Serious About Renewable Energy

    A newly completed wind farm in Gharo, Sindh Province, is one of a series under construction in Pakistan to reduce the country's serious energy deficit. Forty mammoth wind turbines generate 100 MW of electricity fed to the national grid. The country aims to achieve a 6% share of renewable energy in its total power mix by 2030. As a bonus, new roads servicing the coastal facility have proved a boon to local fishermen.

  • How Can More Women in Asia Break into Business?

    Women are still far less likely to seize economic opportunities and start businesses throughout Asia and the Pacific. Three women tell us what needs to change in their country to boost the number of female entrepreneurs.

The Government of Pakistan has worked with ADB to strengthen the country’s key infrastructure, boost social and environmental safeguards, and promote information sharing with other countries.

The country partnership strategy, 2015-2019 for Pakistan continues to focus on infrastructure development and institutional reforms. It outlines financial assistance in six key sectors: energy; transport; agriculture, natural resources, and rural development; water and other urban infrastructure and services; public sector management; and finance

Pakistan is a member of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program.


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