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Pakistan and ADB

ADB operations in Pakistan will increase significantly in the next 3 years with continued focus on energy, natural resource management, urban development, transport infrastructure, and institutional reforms, as well as re-engagement in education and health.

27 Jan 2021 | News Release

New ADB 5-Year Partnership Strategy to Lift Pakistan’s Growth, Resilience, and Competitiveness

ADB has endorsed a new 5-year country partnership strategy to help restore economic stability and growth in Pakistan, enhance people’s well-being, create jobs, and expand economic opportunities. 

15 Jan 2021 | News from Country Offices

Eugene Zhukov Appointed ADB Director General for Central and West Asia

The Asian Development Bank has appointed Eugene Zhukov as Director General of its Central and West Asia Regional Department, effective immediately.

15 Dec 2020 | News from Country Offices

ADB to Help Prevent and Control COVID-19 by Strengthening WASH+H Approach in Projects

ADB has approved a $2 million technical assistance grant to help select developing members prevent and control the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by expanding and integrating water, sanitation, hygiene, and health...

07 Dec 2020 | News Release

New CAREC Gender Strategy to Promote Women’s Empowerment

Ministers and senior officials from the 11 member countries of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program have endorsed a new strategy to promote women’s empowerment by ensuring regional projects...

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04 Dec 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Does a healthy economy equate with a healthy and happy population?

Wellness provides a more balanced and holistic view of a country’s development than its per capita gross domestic product. A new tool is helping policymakers measure wellness in society. 

26 Nov 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Five keys to expanding Central Asia’s global value chains

Central Asia’s long-term economic prosperity depends upon participation in global value chains and upgrading to higher value-added activities.

08 Oct 2020 | Asian Development Blog

In Central Asia, a Soviet-era electricity network could power future energy sharing

With expanding regional cooperation and a readily available platform, the building blocks are in place for Central Asia to achieve energy security, resilience and economic competitiveness.

05 Oct 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Countries in Central and West Asia must avoid a COVID-19 race to the bottom

Governments in Central and West Asia must commit to reforms and get them right, or face a downward spiral. The costs of the crisis are already obvious in rising deficits and debt. There is no room for complacency.

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