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Papua New Guinea and ADB

ADB will support Papua New Guinea’s strategic objectives through policy analysis and advice, sovereign and nonsovereign financing facilities, and strategically targeted technical assistance.

In the Spotlight

Pacific Approach, 2021-2025

16 Sep 2021 | Institutional Document

Pacific Approach, 2021-2025

The Pacific Approach, 2021–2025 serves as ADB’s operational framework in the region and as its partnership strategy for the 12 small Pacific island countries.

Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Potential Response to the Financial Inclusion Challenges of the Pacific

09 Aug 2021 | Publication

Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Potential Response to the Financial Inclusion Challenges of the Pacific

This policy brief considers whether central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) can promote the accessibility of financial services in Pacific island countries and the design choices involved in their development.

Pacific Economic Outlook Weakens, But Vaccination Progress Provides Optimism — ADB

29 Jul 2021 | News Release

Pacific Economic Outlook Weakens, But Vaccination Progress Provides Optimism — ADB

Despite a weakening economic growth forecast for the Pacific, recent progress in vaccination rollouts and stronger public health measures are providing optimism for the safe reopening of borders in the near term, according to...

Pacific Economic Monitor – July 2021

29 Jul 2021 | Publication

Pacific Economic Monitor – July 2021

The Pacific is expected to recover with moderate growth of 0.3% in 2021 and 4.0% in 2022, with tourism and widespread vaccination playing key roles

A Growing Partnership

Papua New Guinea and ADB have been partners in development since 1971, and the collaboration is growing bigger. A new video series is exploring ADB's contributions to development of the country's energy, health, and transport sectors, as well as its drive for financial inclusion and private sector-led development.

Expanding Access to Health Care in Papua New Guinea

Access to quality health care is a major challenge in Papua New Guinea. The government works with its development partners, like ADB, to make health care more accessible.

New Energy Grid, Transmission Investments are Lighting up Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea's energy investment program is expanding access to electricity and lowering costs.


Economic Forecast

GDP forecasts are based on ADB's flagship publication, the Asian Development Outlook. Updated four times a year, it analyzes economic and development issues in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Poverty in Papua New Guinea

Development indicators for Papua New Guinea, including a selection of economic, environmental, and social indicators used globally to track progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Results of ADB-Supported Operations

Results achieved are aggregate amounts of outputs and outcomes from operations reported in project completion reports and extended annual review reports circulated for the year.

Projects Cofinanced

Cofinancing operations enable ADB’s financing partners, governments or their agencies, multilateral financing institutions, and commercial organizations to participate in financing ADB projects. Additional funds are provided in the form of official loans and grants, technical assistance, other concessional financing, and commercial cofinancing such as B loans, risk transfer arrangements, parallel loans and equity, guarantee cofinancing, and cofinancing for transactions under ADB’s Trade Finance Program.

Project Performance, 2000-2018

ADB Projects in Papua New Guinea

Project Results


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