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Papua New Guinea and ADB

ADB's priorities in Papua New Guinea focuses on developing transport infrastructure, promoting renewable energy, expanding access to finance, and improving health services.

11 Jun 2020 | News from Country Offices

Renewable Energy Investment, Business Continuity Plans Key to Pacific Utilities Rebounding from COVID-19

CEOs of utility companies from 11 Pacific countries laid the foundations of an action plan and explored new investment priorities and needs to help their sector recover from the impact of COVID-19 during a virtual meeting...

03 Apr 2020 | News from Country Offices

Tourism-Driven Economies in the Pacific to Feel Brunt of COVID-19 Pandemic — ADB

The economies of the Cook Islands, Fiji, Palau, Samoa, and Vanuatu are the Pacific countries likely to feel the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report by ADB released today.

06 Mar 2020 | News from Country Offices

Leah Gutierrez Begins as ADB's Pacific Director General

Leah Gutierrez is ADB's new Director General for its Pacific Department.

27 Jan 2020 | Article

Australia and ADB: 54 years on, a partnership that keeps delivering results for the Asia Pacific

The long-term ADB-Australia partnership is delivering critical infrastructure, investment, and training to improve the lives of people in Asia and the Pacific.

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19 Jun 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Water, sanitation and hygiene key to Pacific’s ongoing COVID strategy

Pacific island nations have been among the top performers worldwide in controlling COVID-19. A greater emphasis on water, sanitation and hygiene practices will help continue that success.

21 May 2020 | Asian Development Blog

In Papua New Guinea, hand washing can be a challenge in some communities

A lack of safe water supply in urban settlements around Asia and the Pacific complicates efforts to use improved hygiene to fight COVID-19

08 Apr 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Are Pacific power utilities ready for the impact of COVID-19?

In the fragile energy scenario of small Pacific islands, contingency plans are crucial to keep the lights on during a crisis.

23 Mar 2020 | Asian Development Blog

In the Pacific, urgent action is the key to addressing COVID-19

Pacific nations, led by the smallest and least well-off, moved decisively to restrict travel from a fast-growing list of COVID-19 affected countries.

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