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Philippines and ADB

ADB supports the Philippines’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic through its country partnership strategy 2018–2023 — focusing on infrastructure investment, local economic development, and social investments.

Philippines Country Office (PhCO): Contacts and Holidays

Philippines Country Office (PhCO)

6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines

  Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)

  +63 2 683 1000
  +63 2 683 1030

Our goals and objectives

The Philippines Country Office (PhCO) was established to facilitate and monitor the impact of ADB's development agenda for the Philippines. We aim to

  • strengthen partnership with a wide range of stakeholders including the Philippine Government, non-government organizations, local government units, the business community, donor institutions, media, and civil society
  • improve the effectiveness of ADB's operations in the Philippines

Our objectives are to

  • strengthen ADB's client orientation and be more responsive to stakeholders' needs by providing more open communication channels
  • enhance ADB's visibility by promoting impact-oriented programs for the Philippines, and improving coordination with other development partners
  • improve ADB's information-sharing capacity to allow easier and faster access of accurate data and information by stakeholders and the general public
  • improve ADB's operations in the Philippines by
    • closely coordinating the design and implementation of ADB projects
    • monitoring and analyzing economic and social situations
    • preparing strategies for poverty alleviation
    • pursuing policy dialogues with the Government and other stakeholders.

Our functions

PhCO is responsible for

  • interacting and coordinating with ADB's development partners and stakeholders regarding ADB's operations and activities in the Philippines
  • conducting policy dialogues with the Government and other stakeholders to operationalize ADB's strategies, reform agenda, and programs for the Philippines
  • preparing country reports on the Philippines' economic and development issues and ADB's country operations
  • coordinating and strengthening partnerships with other external funding agencies to rationalize ADB's development strategy and programs for the Philippines vis-a-vis other agencies' initiatives
  • disseminating information on ADB's activities in the Philippines to stakeholders and the general public
  • coordinating with Government to closely monitor the ongoing projects portfolio and resolve problems related to project implementation


Kelly BIRD (Mr)
Country Director
Rosemarie F. MARQUEZ (Ms)
Senior External Relations Officer

Holidays 2022

The Philippines Country Office is closed on these dates:

New Year's Day January 3 (Monday), in lieu of January 1
Holy Thursday April 14 (Thursday)
Good Friday April 15 (Friday)
Labor Day May 2 (Monday), in lieu of May 1
Independence Day June 13 (Monday), in lieu of June 12
All Saints' Day November 1 (Tuesday)
Bonifacio Day November 30 (Wednesday) 
Christmas Day December 26 (Monday), in lieu of December 25
New Year's Eve December 29 (Thursday), in lieu of December 31
Rizal Day December 30 (Friday)

Last updated: 27 December 2022