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Philippines and ADB

ADB's partnership strategy for the Philippines focuses on accelerating infrastructure and long-term investments, promoting local economic development, and investing in people.

29 Jun 2020 | News from Country Offices

ADB to Help Philippine Local Governments Boost Revenues

ADB has approved a $26.5 million loan to help local government units (LGUs) across the Philippines boost revenue by adopting new digital tools for local real property tax valuation and collection.

25 Jun 2020 | News Release

COVID-19-Induced Uncertainty Continues to Drag on Emerging East Asian Bonds

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on local currency bond markets in emerging East Asia as investment sentiment globally and in the region wane, says the latest issue of ADB's Asia Bond Monitor.

24 Jun 2020 | Article

12 Things to Know: The Rise of Renewable Energy in Asia and the Pacific

A glimpse into how ADB uses innovative approaches to make renewable energy projects viable and promote low-carbon economic growth.

19 Jun 2020 | News Release

ADB Loan to Help Strengthen Metro Manila's Water Supply Infrastructure

ADB has approved a $126 million loan to the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System to support the construction of a 15-kilometer (km) water transmission pipeline aimed at helping secure water supply for Metro Manila...

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09 Jun 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Island hopping for greater trade in the Philippines

Roll-on roll-off terminal systems can increase inter-island trade and economic growth in archipelagic nations.

22 May 2020 | Asian Development Blog

How currency-linked bonds spur growth and development

Currency-linked bonds are simple but powerful instruments that fortify economies and can efficiently finance development projects.

23 Apr 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Asia should lead the way in producing a novel coronavirus vaccine

The Asia-Pacific region has the expertise and resources to take a leadership role in not only developing a COVID-19 vaccine but distributing it to those who need it most.

15 Apr 2020 | Op-Ed / Opinion

Is Developing Asia Ready for the Industry 4.0 Revolution? - Shixin Chen

Smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) promise to disrupt the long-standing "Asian growth model" that has fuelled industrial development in developing Asia.

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