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Philippines: Projects and Results

Latest Project Results and Case Studies

  • January 2016

    Development, Testing, and Validation of eSOS Emergency Sanitation System

    This Pilot and Demonstration Activity (PDA) covered two distinct activities. First activity tested and validated the eSOS emergency sanitation business model as an innovative decision-making support tool responding to emergency situations, as well as a cost-effective provision of sanitation to informal settlements and temporary situations like large religious and public events. The second activity involved the manufacture, testing and validation of this innovative toilet in order to arrive at the final level of market readiness.
  • July 2015

    Celebrating Coral Triangle Day with a Beach Cleanup in the Philippines

    Thousands of students, police officers and others picked up trash and debris surrounding Dumanquillas Bay. 
  • July 2015

    Livelihood Support for the Poorest of the Poor in the Philippines

    On the island of Samar, some of the most impoverished communities in the Philippines are getting cash grants through an ADB-supported livelihood program to meet their basic needs.
  • July 2015

    Cash Transfer Gives Poor Children in the Philippines Chance of a Good Education

    In the Philippine island of Bohol, cash grants from an ADB-supported project are helping the Ewican family support their children through school, and learn how to be more responsible citizens who are aware of their rights and those of others.
  • June 2015

    Equity Investment in Asia Environmental Partners II

    Asia Environmental Partners II is a $300 million regional fund focused on growth opportunities in renewable energy, waste management and recycling services, water management, energy efficiency, pollution control, and low-carbon consumer products in the People’s Republic of China, India, and Southeast Asia.
  • June 2015

    Upgrading the Cebu International Passenger Terminal in the Philippines

    Cebu is among the fastest growing provinces in the Philippines and a major contributor to the country’s economy. It is the gateway to the Visayas islands, but the existing airport at Mactan can no longer cope with the surge in passenger numbers. The ADB-supported project will expand the passenger terminals and improve airport terminal operations.
  • May 2015

    Teach for the Philippines, Teach for Development

    An initiative to improve the quality of elementary school teaching in the Philippines is also raising awareness of how central education is for the development of a country.
  • November 2014

    Classrooms of Hope: Typhoon Yolanda One Year On

    One year after Typhoon Yolanda hit the area, new classrooms built in Bislig Elementary School, on the island of Leyte, are providing children with the opportunity to learn in a clean, safe environment and look forward to a better future.
  • September 2014

    Pilot Development of a Sanitation Safety Plan for the Philippines

    Sanitation aims to prevent human contact with the potential hazards posed by wastes such as wastewater, greywater, and excreta, including physical, microbiological, biological, or chemical agents of diseases. ADB is committed to increase sanitation investments to expand coverage of sanitation, hygiene, and wastewater management in its developing member countries through its Water Operational Plan (WOP) 2011–2020, supported by the Water Financing Program. Sanitation Safety Plan (SSP) aims to address the challenges brought about by the impact on public health of scarce sanitation facilities or improper use of such facilities, as well as inadequate containment, treatment, and handling of wastewater, greywater, and excreta. Improper disposal of human wastes also contributes to the degradation of the environment and water resources.
  • August 2014

    Young Filipinos Team up to Save the Amazon of the Seas

    Student leaders from Philippine high schools gear up as eco-warriors to protect the endangered Coral Triangle, known as the Amazon of the Seas.