Samoa and ADB

In the Spotlight

  • Reliable Electricity Powers Up Samoa

    ADB is working with the Government of Samoa to improve the reliability of its power sector, including upgrading the country's aging distribution system. The country has also introduced Cash Power, a prepayment system that helps consumers better manage electricity consumption. 

  • ADB Supports Development in the Pacific

    ADB has scaled up its assistance to Pacific countries from about $500 million in 2004 to more than $2 billion by the end of 2015, supporting the construction of infrastructure such as transport, energy, water and sanitation, and information and communication technology.

  • Fishing Industry in the Pacific: 12 Things to Know

    About 2.7 million metric tons of tuna is caught each year in the western and central Pacific.

  • Improving the Quality and Reliability of Power Supply in Samoa

    Pacific Energy Update 2016 features two projects in Samoa that are helping diversify the country's energy mix and supplant diesel generation with clean, indigenous renewable energy.

Samoa continues to make progress in achieving its development goals. Poverty has fallen in urban centers, child mortality has been reduced, and the government has placed greater emphasis on environmental sustainability. Primary school education is now almost universal for children in Samoa, while gender disparity in both primary and secondary education has been eliminated.

With limited natural resources and a narrow economic base, Samoa’s economy is extremely vulnerable to external shocks. ADB has supported the government’s efforts to reform the economy, placing a focus on improving the business environment for private enterprise.

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