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Sri Lanka and ADB

ADB continues its focus on building high-quality infrastructure in the transport, energy, and urban sectors, while also contributing to the country's key development goals of economic diversification, job creation, income enhancement, and rural economic development.

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Project Result / Case Study

Design and Pilot Testing of Performance-Based Management of Groundwater Use in Irrigation

Agro-well based agriculture is on the rise in the dry zones of Sri Lanka, thus increasing their vulnerability to mismanaged groundwater resources. This PDA was created to design and test performance-based management of groundwater use in irrigation, as well as support development of farm-level water management strategies to minimize surface water irrigation demand for dry zone agricultural practices.

Project Result / Case Study

Clean Energy Keeps Sri Lanka's Lights on

Sri Lanka has been a success story in bringing reliable electricity supply to its people, reaching a 98 percent electrification rate.

Project Result / Case Study

Roads and Highways in Sri Lanka

An extensive network of roads and highways in Sri Lanka is helping to drive the economy and move people and goods faster.