ADB Assistance to Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT)

ADB has been a long-term supporter of the IMT-GT. Support includes:

Implementation Blueprint

At the request of IMT-GT countries, ADB assisted in preparing an Implementation Blueprint for 2012-2016 in close collaboration with the national secretariats and the Centre for IMT-GT Subregional Cooperation (CIMT). The Implementation Blueprint identifies a range of projects, including priority connectivity projects, focused on five economic corridors and activities in six sectors:

  • Transport and energy;
  • Trade and investment;
  • Agriculture;
  • Halal products and services;
  • Tourism; and
  • Human resources development.

Priority Connectivity Projects

IMT-GT countries have identified 11 Priority Connectivity Projects, with a total estimated cost of $5.2 billion that will strengthen connectivity within the subregion in line with the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) and associated ASEAN initiatives.

Special Border Economic Zones (SBEZs)

ADB has assisted in developing a scoping study to identify feasible SBEZs in the Thai-Malaysian border to attract greater investment to the subregion. In 2015, ADB also supported the preparation of detailed terms of reference for the second phase of a study that may be initiated pending an agreement between Thailand and Malaysia.

Melaka-Pekanbaru Power Interconnection

ADB has been actively assisting Indonesia and Malaysia in the preparation of the proposed Melaka-Pekanbaru Power Interconnection Project, which is slated for 2016. This is also one of the flagship projects included in the MPAC.

Green Cities Initiative

ADB support for this initiative, which was launched by the Chief Ministers and Governor’s Forum, commenced with a 2014 scoping study for Melaka that was adopted by the Melaka State Government. An implementation plan for Melaka was also prepared, with strong support from the Malaysian government, through a reimbursable SSTA. A Green City Action Plan for Songkla/Hat Yai (Thailand) was completed in February 2015, and ADB is currently undertaking a study to prepare Green Cities Action Plans for Medan and Batam in Indonesia.

Trade Facilitation

ADB has supported knowledge events and Time Release Studies in the IMT-GT, which will contribute to trade facilitation.

Statistical Database

An IMT-GT Database on Trade, Investment, and Tourism was developed to monitor IMT-GT projects and better enable a comprehensive review of the impact of IMT-GT cooperation. A statistical booklet was also produced. ADB supported the establishment of a database taskforce comprised of representatives from statistical agencies. ADB assistance also focuses on facilitating the establishment of a sustainable time-series database. A Joint BIMP-EAGA and IMT-GT Meeting of the Subregional Statistics and Database was organized on 28-29 July 2015 in Bangkok, and the database is expected to be completed in 2016.

Capacity Building Support for the CIMT Secretariat

ADB and the CIMT signed a Cooperation Agreement in 2014 which solidified areas of cooperation and strengthened ADB’s continued support for the subregional cooperation program. ADB has provided assistance to the CIMT to prepare its business plan and operations manual in 2015.

Capacity Building Support for IMT-GT

ADB assisted in the development of an Implementation Blueprint project manual as a guide for project planning and implementation. ADB also organized several capacity building and training programs for IMT-GT and BIMP-EAGA officials in 2015:

  1. Project Management, 4-8 May 2015, Penang, Malaysia
  2. Economic Corridor Development for Competitive and Inclusive Growth in Asia, 26 August to 4 September 2015, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
  3. Tourism Management in BIMP-EAGA, IMT-GT and GMS, 19-23 October 2015, Guilin University of Tourism, Guilin, PRC
  4. Regional Power Markets and Cross-border Interconnections, 29 November to 4 December 2015, ASEAN-Korea Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Increasing Cooperation with ASEAN

Transport Facilitation Forum. ADB organized an ASEAN, BIMP-EAGA and IMT-GT Land Transport Facilitation Consultation Meeting on 24 April 2015 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Encouraged by the favorable outcome of the first dialogue, in 2016 ADB plans to organize a roundtable on the Implications for IMT-GT and BIMP-EAGA of the ASEAN Vision 2025, and accompanying economic and social blueprints.