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Timor-Leste and ADB

While helping Timor-Leste emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ADB country program will continue to emphasize knowledge, systems, innovation, and technical expertise to accompany traditional financial support.

ADB COVID-19 Response: Timor-Leste

ADB's COVID-19 Response is a $20 billion package to support its developing member countries in countering the severe macroeconomic and health impacts caused by COVID-19, including $2.5 billion in concessional and grant resources, as well as $2 billion earmarked for the private sector (nonsovereign).

The Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility (APVAX) is ADB's $9 billion vaccine initiative offering rapid and equitable support to its developing member countries as they procure and deliver effective and safe COVID-19 vaccines.

Committed Amount is the financing approved by ADB's Board of Directors or Management for which the legal agreement has been signed by the borrower, recipient, or the investee company and ADB.
*The number of projects excludes short-term finance transactions under the Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance, and Microfinance Programs.

COVID-19 Publications and Documents