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Timor-Leste and ADB

ADB's country partnership strategy for Timor-Leste focuses on removing infrastructure bottlenecks and institutional constraints as well as investing in human capital.

06 Mar 2020 | News from Country Offices

Leah Gutierrez Begins as ADB's Pacific Director General

Leah Gutierrez is ADB's new Director General for its Pacific Department.

17 Dec 2019 | News Release

Kacific1 Satellite Launch to Bring Affordable Internet to Remote Parts of Asia and Pacific

Kacific has launched the Kacific1 satellite to expand high-speed broadband internet access across Asia and the Pacific. ADB provided $50 million in financing to Kacific for the satellite to deliver internet that will enable...

17 Dec 2019 | News from Country Offices

ADB Investing Over $1 Billion to Help Pacific's Renewable Energy Transition

ADB will invest over $1 billion worth of energy projects in the Pacific from 2019 to 2021 to increase renewable energy generation and improve access to affordable and sustainable electricity in the subregion.

16 Dec 2019 | News from Country Offices

Australia to Provide $14 Million, ADB $2 Million for Private Sector Initiative in the Pacific

Australia is providing $14 million in additional funding to PSDI, with ADB also contributing $2 million, to help continue efforts to make it easier for people in the Pacific start and grow their businesses.

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08 Apr 2020 | Asian Development Blog

Are Pacific power utilities ready for the impact of COVID-19?

In the fragile energy scenario of small Pacific islands, contingency plans are crucial to keep the lights on during a crisis.

09 Sep 2019 | Asian Development Blog

Тогтвортой хөгжлийн зорилтуудыг хангах нэгэн гайхалтай боломж

Ази тивийн хөгжиж буй улс орнуудын дотоодын нийт бүтээгдэхүүний гуравны нэг хүртэл хувийг бүрдүүлж, гадаад валютын нөөцийнх нь чухал эх үүсвэр болдог нэгэн салбар бий. Энэ салбарыг Тогтвортой Хөгжлийн Зорилтуудыг хангахад ашиглах бүрэн боломжтой. 

04 Jul 2019 | Asian Development Blog

Here’s a surprising way to achieve most of the SDGs

There is one sector that contributes up to a third of gross domestic product, and is an important source of foreign currency, in many of Asia’s developing countries. It could be deployed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

14 Jun 2019 | Asian Development Blog

More than selling seashells: The unsung role of women in fisheries

Seventy percent of the aquaculture workforce worldwide is female, with women playing key roles in fishing, processing, and marketing. Yet they do not reap the full benefits of their efforts.

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