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Timor-Leste and ADB

ADB's country partnership strategy for Timor-Leste focuses on removing infrastructure bottlenecks and institutional constraints as well as investing in human capital.

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Project Result / Case Study

How SOE Reform Has Transformed Timor-Leste's First Commercial Bank

BNCTL has come a long way since it began its gradual journey transforming into Timor-Leste’s first commercial bank with help from ADB and the Government of Australia.

Project Result / Case Study

The Pacific Islands: Connecting Countries to Each Other and the World

Connectivity in the Pacific has two components: the physical and the digital. ADB has been working with development partners to help people and businesses overcome their isolation.

Project Result / Case Study

The Pacific Islands: The Push for Renewable Energy

A structural shift is taking place in the Pacific islands, as countries move away from fossil fuels in favor of more climate friendly forms of energy.