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Tonga and ADB

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  • ADB's Work in Tonga

    Since the 1970s, ADB has been helping Tonga connect to the rest of the world, first through telephone infrastructure and today via high-speed internet access. This complements the work being done to improve government finances, build critical infrastructure, and increase resilience to climate change and extreme weather events.

  • How can the Pacific tackle the challenges of isolation?

    Pacific economies are looking to overcome their remoteness through telecommunications technology, improved transport networks, and greater private investment and competition, says a new ADB report.

  • Pacific Energy Update 2017: Tonga

    Renewable energy and improvements to energy efficiency provide opportunities to lower cost, enhance energy security, and decrease emissions in Tonga.

  • Tonga: Sustaining a Strong Culture While Building the Future

    This country brief summarizes how the partnership of ADB and the Tonga government has helped to reduce poverty and is aiding in the country's recovery from the global economic crisis.

The economy of Tonga is highly dependent on subsistence agriculture, extremely vulnerable to natural hazards, and heavily reliant on external income (donor aid and remittances). Its medium-term development depends on the continued implementation of structural reforms to improve productivity, remove bottlenecks to growth, and strengthen macroeconomic resilience.

ADB and other development partners are working closely with the government to implement a multiyear joint policy reform matrix , which will ensure that Tonga’s development priorities are addressed and policy reforms are realized. The medium-term policy goals for the government include maintaining macroeconomic stability—particularly in light of high public debt—and improving economic management. Policy reforms also seek to achieve sustained economic growth led by the private sector, while maintaining the country’s health and education standards.