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  • 50 Years of Partnership in the Pacific

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  • Small is beautiful, but fragile in the Pacific

    If a conflict-sensitive approach is applied to development programs in conflict-affected countries, a fragility-sensitive approach should be applied to small fragile Pacific island states such as Tuvalu.

Tuvalu is a fragile microstate consisting of nine low-lying atolls. The country has a total area of only 26 square kilometers, and most of its 11,000 people live on the main island, Funafuti.

With few exports, Tuvalu is almost entirely dependent on external aid as well as highly variable revenue from fishing licenses, remittances, surpluses from the country’s overseas trust fund, and rent of its “dot tv” internet extension. Building and maintaining fiscal resilience and upgrading maritime infrastructure are key priorities for the government.

ADB's approach and operations in Tuvalu are aligned with the national strategy for sustainable development.


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