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Uzbekistan Resident Mission (URM): Contacts and Holidays


Uzbekistan Resident Mission (URM) - Asian Development Bank (ADB) 1 Qoratosh Street, Tashkent 100027, Uzbekistan
 Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
  Tel +998 71 1401920 to 1925   Fax +998 71 1401976   E-mail   adbuzbekistan

About Us

The Uzbekistan Resident Mission (URM), located in Tashkent, was formally opened in 1998. URM's primary responsibilities include:

  • Country strategy and programming
  • Policy dialogue and support
  • Portfolio management and administration of delegated projects
  • Aid coordination
  • Economic and sector work and other analytical work
  • Government, civil society, and private sector relations
  • Country reporting
  • External relations and information dissemination

URM applies the advantage of its in-country presence to assist missions from headquarters in periodic country portfolio and program review activities and to provide mission follow-up support. It can assist interested parties by providing information on ADB and its activities in general and in Uzbekistan. URM's resources are of interest particularly to stakeholders in ADB-supported projects in Uzbekistan.


Deputy Country Director/OIC
Principal Portfolio Management Specialist/PAU Head
Principal Procurement Specialist
External Relations Focal Point
NGO Focal Point

Holidays 2018

The Uzbekistan Resident Mission will be closed on these dates:

New Year's Day January 1 (Monday)
Women's Day March 8 (Thursday)
Navruz Holiday March 21 (Wednesday)
Victory Day May 9 (Wednesday)
Eid ul-Fitr (Ramazon Hait) June 15 (Friday)
Kurban Khavit August 21 (Tuesday)
Independence Day August 31 (Friday)
Teachers' and Tutors' Day October 1 (Monday)
Constitution Day December 7 (Friday)
New Year's Eve December 31 (Monday)
Ruza Hait (to be determined)

Last updated: as of 28 August 2018