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Uzbekistan and ADB

ADB has partnered with Uzbekistan since 1995, with its operations assisting in three strategic areas: private sector development, reduction of economic and social disparities, and regional cooperation and integration.

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Project Result / Case Study

Uzbekistan: Helping Women One Small Loan at a Time

In Uzbekistan, a project that lends money to small businesses, with a focus on helping women entrepreneurs, is having a broad societal impact.

Project Result / Case Study

Healthy Babies and Happy Mothers in Uzbekistan

Better training for health professionals, modern equipment and new facilities are helping to save the lives of new mothers and their babies.

Project Result / Case Study

State-of-the-art Technology Boosts Energy Efficiency, Saves Money at One of Uzbekistan’s Largest Plants

Two new high-efficiency combined cycle gas turbines at the Talimarjan power plant in southern Uzbekistan will help modernize the country’s energy infrastructure, free up resources for investment, and produce surplus electricity for export.