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Featured Economic Research Initiatives

Establishing global research alliances

This technical assistance project supports the establishment of research alliances between ADB and reputable regional and global research institutions, as well as collaborative studies on selected development issues critical to inclusive growth and poverty reduction in developing Asia.

Implementing impact evaluation at ADB

Impact evaluations provide empirical evidence regarding the outcomes or results attributable to development projects. Evidence on what works and does not work is important in improving accountability and learning from the development interventions. Before-after comparisons or comparisons between areas with and without projects often lead to false conclusions about project effects, because the differences observed are due to many other factors than the project alone. Impact evaluation offers a set of tools to separate the consequences of projects from other drivers of change, in order to understand what changes are truly attributable to projects.

Statistics technical assistance

ADB formulates and provides technical assistance to developing member countries on building, strengthening and improving their statistical systems and services. Since 1970, ADB has implemented about 60 statistical capacity building projects, for a total of more than US$22 million. A list and description of ongoing and past TAs is provided below, with links to some of their key outputs.

Country diagnostic studies

ADB aligns its assistance strategies and operations with development plans and poverty reduction strategies of its developing member countries (DMCs). However, ADB recognizes that DMCs may need assistance in strengthening their planning processes and capabilities for undertaking underlying diagnostic and analytical assessments. Country diagnostic studies attempt to diagnose the most critical constraints that the country faces to achieving these goals.

Investment Climate Surveys (ICS)

The Investment Climate and Productivity Study (ICS) is an undertaking of the Asian Development Bank, in collaboration with the World Bank. Broadly, it examines constraints to firm growth and productivity in selected Asian developing countries to help identify specific policy and institutional reforms to promote investments and improve productivity. The ICS surveys were initially undertaken in the Philippines and Indonesia in 2003, followed by Sri Lanka in early 2004, and Lao PDR in 2005.

International Comparison Program (ICP)

The International Comparison Program aims to produce robust purchasing power parities (PPP) which are vital for doing cross country analysis of levels of development and are crucial elements in evidenced-based decision making by researchers, economists, national governments and international organizations.

Economic Analysis of Projects

Economic analysis is a means to help bring about a better allocation of resources that can lead to enhanced incomes for investment or consumption purposes.