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In the Spotlight

  • Prosperous (and Happy) Bhutan is Asia’s Fastest Growing Economy

    Government leaders in small, landlocked Bhutan prioritize individual happiness in pursuing development progress. And that hasn’t stopped the country’s economy from surging.

  • Asian Development Outlook 2017: Transcending the Middle-Income Challenge

    ADB’s flagship annual economic publication forecasts GDP growth in Asia and the Pacific to reach 5.7% in 2017 and 2018, a slight deceleration from the 5.8% registered in 2016. Risks to the outlook include higher US interest rates, which will accelerate capital outflows, although this risk is mitigated to some degree by abundant liquidity throughout the region.

  • Asia Bond Monitor - March 2017

    Bond yields in emerging East Asian markets fell between 31 December and mid-February despite the risk of accelerated pace of interest rate hikes in the United States (US), ADB's latest Asia Bond Monitor said. 

  • Meeting Asia's Infrastructure Needs

    Developing Asia will need to invest $1.7 trillion per year in infrastructure until 2030 to maintain its growth momentum, tackle poverty, and respond to climate change.

Economic research and statistical work contributes to knowledge generation in ADB and help strengthen its institutional priorities and effectiveness of country operations. By augmenting the stock of knowledge of developing member countries and the region and disseminating it, ADB's capability to provide informed policy advice and undertake capacity building is enhanced.