Data and Research

In the Spotlight

  • Foreign Direct Investments in Asia and the Pacific Topped $527 billion in 2015

    Asia and the Pacific led the way in 2015 with nearly 30 per cent of the world's total foreign direct investments while trade growth decelerated to 2.3 per cent, says latest ADB report on economic integration. Read the report

  • Data Shows 50 Years of Changing Asia

    From 12% of global GDP in the early 1960s to almost one third today, Asia's enviable economic growth has been consistent and robust. Greater wealth has brought social progress in Asia and the Pacific. But as the region has prospered, its share of carbon dioxide emissions has reached nearly half the global total.

  • ADB Appoints Yasuyuki Sawada as Chief Economist

    ADB has appointed Yasuyuki Sawada, a professor at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Economics, as Chief Economist.

  • Key Indicators 2016 - Fast Data

    Key Indicators 2016 - economic, financial, social, and environmental statistics for ADB's 48 regional members - highlights the uneven though steady growth in the region, as well as the disparities between developing Asian and Pacific countries.

Economic research and statistical work contributes to knowledge generation in ADB and help strengthen its institutional priorities and effectiveness of country operations. By augmenting the stock of knowledge of developing member countries and the region and disseminating it, ADB's capability to provide informed policy advice and undertake capacity building is enhanced.